Wireless Backup Camera System with Mirror Monitor

The new Digital Wireless Backup Camera System will revolutionize the backup camera industry. The new digital wireless camera guarantees no interference up to 70ft so you get a great and beautiful picture at all times. The system is complete with a color 4.3 TFT-LCD Mirror Monitor with distance grid lines which can either attach to the existing rear view mirror or replace it (select your option from the pulldown menu) . The camera boasts a 130 MT9V136 High Definition camera with 9 infra-red night vision lights which enables you to see in total darkness. The backup system comes with all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need. The camera is completely weatherproof with an IP68 rating, strong and reliable, shock resistant, with a 10G vibration rating (highest in the industry) , and the system comes with a full year warranty.

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Wireless Backup Camera System with Mirror Monitor Review

If you do not have vehicle backup cameras like this, now it is the best moment to buy one Wireless Backup Camera System with Mirror Monitor. You will not regret!

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