Von Zipper Bushwick XT Goggle W.O.W. System

W.O.W. Sometimes you gotta grip it to rip it. Other times you gotta clip the brake lines to get that extra go fast... With our Von Zipper Wide Open Wipeoff (W.O.W.) System you'll always see what's coming... The rest is up to you. To Apply: Place goggle on flat surface with film canisters upright To open canister doors; press down on the latch tabs and pushing up towards center of lens. Remove both canister doors. Install new roll film on the feed side (left) with the slotted portion of the axle facing the bottom. Remove film sticker while keeping it attached to film roll and pull across lens to the take-in side (right) . Wrap the open end of the sticker around the take-in axle for secure positioning on the take-in (right) canister. Be sure the slotted portion of the axle faces the bottom. Close both sides of the canisters to the original position by replacing the doors and securing the latches. Pull the canister knob/string to advance film; making sure film is advancing smoothly. Finally for complete installation and avoiding any mud; water; or debris; carefully install the VonZipper Mud Visor above the film strip. Check to be sure the film strip is moving freely without making any contact with the Mud Visor.

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Von Zipper Bushwick XT Goggle W.O.W. System Review

I bought Von Zipper Bushwick XT Goggle W.O.W. System for my dad and now I have to buy one for me!

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