Thorogood Boots Men's Composite Toe 804-4035 Non Metal ESD Oxford Work Shoes

Two women are on a beach, and one is wearing a tiny bikini while the other is all wrapped up in a gigantic tee shirt. Youare going to look at the one in the bikini, right? Bigger isn't always better, and if bikinis don't prove it these Thorogood 804-4035 Men's Brown ESD Oxford Non-Metallic Composite Toe Shoes will. You may not need a big, heavy pair of work boots. What you need is a pair of low-cut Thorogood shoes that allow you to move fast and work well. This pair does just that. White stitches and bold orange accents add detail to the low-cut, athletic design. The style is evident; one look and you know it's there. But there's a lot more to these composite toe shoes than that. Brown, tumbled full-grain leather was used to create the tough uppers of these ESD shoes. Full-grain leather is non-processed hide, natural material that really needs nothing else. Full-grain is tough against wind and water, resistant to weather and wear. The tumbled grain creates a pebbled, textured finish. These Thorogood shoes are tough on the outside because itas a tough world out there. But theyare soft on the inside because feet are sensitive, too. High-abrasion Nylex lining surrounds your skin in lightweight comfort. Soft Nylex material is breathable and thin, but it withstands friction and wear. The polyurethane footbeds withstand impact. Lightweight polyurethane absorbs even more force than rubber, but it doesnat weigh as much. It delivers cushioning comfort to soften your steps and protect you from the hard ground below. The removable design of these safety toe shoes makes it easy to take the insoles out and clean them any time you like. EVA foam was used to make the midsole layer light in weight and softly airy in comfort. Thanks to the Impact 300 gel heel inserts, the midsoles absorb stepping force and pressure with every step taken while wearing these Oxford shoes. The midsoles are part of the supportive, dual-density outsole design. The bottom of the VGS-300 ASR outsoles is made with shock-resistant rubber. Along with the midsoles, the rubber gives you two-layer shock-resistance. Cement construction was used to hold the slip-resistant soles in place. The soles are directly cemented to the rest of the boot with glue. This construction method creates a weather-resisting seal around every step you take. The soles of these Thorogood shoes are also static-dissipative, which means they wonat collect static electricity that harms electronic tools and equipment.Engineered composite material creates the supportive shanks. It sounds like material out of a sci-fi movie, but composite is actually non-metallic stuff that has strength like steel. Unlike steel, composite doesnat conduct electricity or temperature. The same stuff was used to build the protective toe caps of these men's shoes. They meet ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75 standards for impact- and compression-resistance. These work shoes are static dissipative, and made with 100% non-metallic construction. That means

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Thorogood Boots Men's Composite Toe 804-4035 Non Metal ESD Oxford Work Shoes Review

This Thorogood Boots Men's Composite Toe 804-4035 Non Metal ESD Oxford Work Shoes is nice to use. I recommend buying this product from this Working Person's Store , because here it has good, reasonable 100.00

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