Single Port USB Car Adapter

Our Single Port USB Car Adapter is perfect to charge your electronics while you're on the go! Available in four different colors. Input: 12-24V Output: DC5V/1000mA .Adapter ( width: 945px; float:left; margin-bottom:25px; ) .Adapter dl ( float: left; margin-right: 27px; ) .Adapter dl dt ( color: #ff7800; ) .Adapter dl dt, .Adapter dl dd ( margin: 0px; ) Do you know not all USB Car Chargers can charge your iPad. When choosing a car charger, one thing we should pay attention to is the output spec of the charger. The output decides what kind of device the charger can charge. Usually there are two kinds of USB output, 1 Amp and 2.1 Amp. The 1 Amp USB port can charge smart phones like: iPhone, Amazon Fire Phone and some of the Nokia Windows Phones (Samsung Galaxy Series need 2.1 Amp) . The 2.1 Amp USB port charges most of the popular tablets and smart phones: iPad, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9a and so on. The 1 Amp charger can charge all devices with minimum input spec lower than 1 Amp. The 2.1 Amp charger can charge all devices with minimum input spec lower than 2.1 Amp. Following is the battery spec info for popular mobile devices: Apple iphone 6 +...1 AMP iphone 6 ...1 AMP iphone 5s...1 AMP iphone 5c ...1 AMP iphone 5 ...1 AMP ipad Mini 3...2 AMP ipad Mini 2...2 AMP ipad Mini 1...1 AMP ipad Air 2...2 AMP ipad Air...2 AMP Nokia Lumin 920...1 AMP Lumin 830 ...1.5 AMP Lumin 530...0.35 AMP Lumin 1320 ...1.5 AMP Lumin 630/635 ...0.75 AMP Lumin Icon...1.5 AMP Lumin 1520...1.5 AMP Lumin 1020...1.5 AMP Lumin 2520...1.5 AMP Samsung Atic S Neo...0.5 AMP Galaxy Note 3 ...2 AMP Galaxy Note 4...2 AMP Galaxy Note Edge...2 AMP Galaxy S4...2 AMP Galaxy S5...2 AMP Galaxy Avant...1 AMP Galaxy Tab 4 7.0...2 AMP Galaxy Tab 4 8.0...2 AMP Galaxy Tab 4 10.0...2 AMP Amazon Fire Phone...1 AMP Kindle Fire HD 6" ...1 Amp Kindle Fire HDX 7"...1 AMP Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"...1.8 AMP

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Single Port USB Car Adapter Review

I had better network cards, but this are more practical.

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